Government Building (NEM GoMEn)

Concept for NEM GoMEn

The concept of NEM GoMEn is that the energy produced from the solar PV installation on Government premises will be consumed first, and any excess will be exported to the TNB grid. The credit to be received for such excess energy will be used to offset part of the electricity bill on a “one-on-one” offset basis for a period of ten (10) years of operation.

Quota Eligibility Criteria Tariff Category Capacity limits
100MWac -Registered consumers of applying to be a consumer of TNB in Peninsular Malaysia
-Government Agency(ies) who have not participated in any of the prior solar programmes;
*government Agency means a ministry, department or statutory body established by the government at all levels of administration whether at the federal, state or district levels including local authorities
Commercial The maximum capacity of the PV Installation shall not exceed 1,000 kW and subject to the following conditions:

a) for Medium Voltage Consumers, not exceeding 75% of Maximum Demand based on:
  • the average of the recorded Maximum Demand of the past 1 year; or
  • the declared Maximum Demand for Consumers with less than 1 year’s record; and

b) for Low Voltage Consumers, not exceeding 60% of fuse rating (for direct meter) or 60% of the current transformer (CT) rating of the metering current transformers.
Benefits of NEM GoMEn

The energy generated by NEM consumers will be consumed first which implies that less energy will be imported from the utility. In many countries, the NEM scheme is effective to hedge against fluctuation or increase in electricity tariff in the future. This is especially relevant for consumers that fall under the high electricity tariff block.

Under this program, any excess energy generated will be exported to the utility grid and will be paid on a “one-on-one” offset basis. The priority is for self-consumption, however some premises which are not operating during the weekends or public holiday may have excess energy exported to the grid. The credit shall be allowed to roll over for a maximum of 12 months.

Licensing Requirements

License is required under Section 9 of the Electricity Supply Act for any person to use, work or operate or permit to be used, worked or operated any solar PV Installation above 72kWp for three phase system and above 24kWp for single phase system. The NEM Consumer or the owner of the PV system asset shall apply for a license from the Energy Commission after receiving information that the NEM application has been approved.

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