Operation & Maintenance


Solar panels exhibit high durability, with reputable solar installation companies providing warranties lasting 25 to 30 years to guarantee optimal performance throughout their lifespan. Nevertheless, understanding proper solar panel maintenance is crucial. Regular cleaning is essential; the accumulation of dust and particles on the panel surface can obstruct sunlight, potentially leading to a decrease in electricity production.

  1. Solar Panel Maintenance Tips:
    Maintaining residential solar panels primarily involves regular cleaning, necessitating the use of appropriate tools to prevent any damage. Photovoltaic (PV) modules generally have simpler maintenance requirements compared to other power generation systems due to the absence of moving parts susceptible to mechanical wear. Consider the following recommendations for proper solar panel care:
  2. Cleaning Procedures:
    Let rain naturally cleanse solar panels, eliminating accumulated materials like dirt and bird droppings. After extreme weather, conduct visual inspections to ensure the panels remain in optimal working condition.
  3. Avoiding Harmful Tools and Chemicals:
    Refrain from using abrasive tools such as roof rakes or hard brushes that may scratch the panel surface. Additionally, steer clear of chemical cleaning agents to prevent damage. Opt for safe cleaning options like soft brushes, squeegees, leaf blowers, or a gentle garden hose.
  4. Monitoring Efficiency Drops:
    Dust build-up gradually diminishes the energy output of solar panels. Utilize mobile apps on solar inverters to track daily productivity. While lower electricity output on cloudy days is expected, investigate further if efficiency drops occur during sunny weather, as panels may be obstructed by leaves or other objects.
  5. Cost of Maintenance:
    Professional solar cleaning service costs vary based on location, system size, and complexity. DIY cleaning is suitable for ground-mounted or easily accessible flat roof systems. However, due to associated risks, it is advisable to opt for professional cleaning services for solar energy systems on sloped roofs.
  6. Leveraging Solar Panel Warranties:
    When investing in a solar power system, securing a robust warranty is crucial. The best solar panels typically come with warranties spanning 25 to 30 years. During this period, the warranty provider handles any malfunctions at no extra cost, safeguarding your investment.

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